I’ve joined Instaaa

Girl2mum (obviously!!)

Looking forward to sharing some more personal things on there. It’s an open profile for now but I will likely private it out once I start plastering my face all over it!!

Add me!! 🙂 ❤



Spoilt little embryo….

My embryo is a little madam already. Never mind too posh to push, this is taking it one step further with “too posh to ever consider natural conception” !! It’s the latest technology all the way with this little one and with it comes the astronomical price tag. Did you not hear ICSI is all the rage these days!?

I knew my baby would be spoilt but this just takes the biscuit!!

Dear baby M, This morning I paid the whopping £3950 it costs just to create you. (Minus medication costs!!!!) I would very much appreciate it if you could cooperate this time and snuggle in nice and comfy for the 9 months you’re supposed to. Now say thank you to MasterCard for making this possible. Love you lots and see you soon. Mummy and Daddy


Seriously though thanks to MasterCard, and a beautiful credit rating!!

Peace out


Maca and fertility?

Hey – quick question! I’ve taken Maca for the past 2 days as it is supposedly great for fertility. But I want to here it from you experts before I go any further!! Planning on doing a blog on it but not at the expense of my health!

Do any of you / have any of you taken it?

It tastes absolutely dis-gust-ing!!! But if it works who cares!?

It’s some sort or Peruvian dried up and ground root!

DH is taking it too as apparently is brill for his little spermicles!


No more waiting

It’s here.

With a vengeance.

How is it that I’ve had my shortest and longest cycle occur right after each other? One at 27 and the other at 36? The average of the two is 31.5 so bang on the money for one of my usual cycles. I guess they’ve compensated for each other. The other good thing about coming on today is that I can now tell my CM tells me the truth about my ovulation. That’s cool!

So – Onwards and upwards. T – minus 31 days (give or take a few) before IVF #2 starts.

I have holiday booked in October. I might try and rearrange this so that it falls during the time I’ll be in and out of hospital.

I’m now going to go and stuff my spotty face full of carbs and wallow in self pity!


Still no sign

I’m sat here now obsessing over when I might have ovulated this cycle.

I’m on CD 36 which is longer than my usual max. I’m tired and I’m peeing a lot (but I’m really really thirsty today – that’s probably due to eating a kilogram of homemade kale crisps yesterday!), my spot situation is worse than usual but I have cramps, and I’m a miserable bitch like usual around AF. I haven’t a clue when I ovulated. If I had bothered checking this month I might be tempted to POAS right about now. But history and realism points into the direction of later than usual ovulation. Infertility makes us into such pessimists doesn’t it!

If there’s still no sign of it tomorrow I might POAS Wednesday morning.

Funny thing is I POAS Wednesday 27th August because I had full on nausea and sickness for a couple of days. 27th august was CD24 so probably too early to test. (??!?)

I don’t feel pregnant (I don’t think), well it’s nothing like last time. No nausea (anymore after the 2 day stint), no sore boobies, although they might be a bit fuller (it’s hard to tell though because they are already a 30FF – I was blessed or cursed), no indigestion and gas.

So I’m basically still waiting. Always waiting.


Still waiting….

…for my second period after failed IVF to turn up!! :’-(

I was soooo happy to have a 27 day cycle the month after I got a BFN. I thought the meds had jump started my hormones. Here I am CD34 and nothing. Before starting IVF my cycles were usually 30/31. It has until tonight to make an appearance before I get cross! (Or take a pregnancy test – oh imagine that!!)

We are going to start another cycle of IVF a month after this period arrives!! Get a move on!!!!

I got my bill for my very first (and hopefully last) self funded cycle. The whole cost of IVF with ICSI is going to be £3950, and the medications which are coming from healthcare at home are costing £499.95 (to be precise). I’m having to stick it all on a credit card. But….it’s 0% interest on purchases for 18 months. And once I move that will be all paid off in a few months. I have to keep telling myself this as I hate the thought of borrowing money. I grew up in an environment where everyone had debts on loans an cards and they are still paying them off now!! But this isn’t a credit card for the sake of a credit card, I’m not being greedy, I just want a baby.

Haha I’ve just stuck my baby on a credit card. Yes baby “M” you were bought with credit!

I’m off to whole foods today to stock up on lots of fertility enhancing supplements! And I did my yoga this morning….we are off to a good start!

Lots of Love