Dreams come true – part 2

After the whirlwind, fairytale proposal, I had to go to work the following day. I didn’t do much, I couldn’t concentrate. I showed off my ring. A lot! 🙂

I had double the reason for not being able to concentrate though. My fiancé and I (haha!!) had a secret gender scan booked for Sunday (yesterday!!).

I honestly have no idea or clues as to what I’m going to have. Most people are saying girl though. But I am not able to commit myself to either gender.

I am so excited for this scan. I get up late Sunday morning as the appointment isn’t until 2:30pm and I don’t want to go out of my mind waiting. SO goes to the gym and I wait.

wait wait and wait

At 2pm we sit in a Starbucks out of the cold talking about what we think and about how we are feeling. We have waited so long for a baby I really do not care, just a healthy happy one please.

Once in the clinic I can feel my heart in my chest pounding away. We hold each other’s hand tightly as I lay in the bed and the warm jelly is put all over my tummy.

Hi Baby! Nice to see you again, being naughty and not staying still for the lady. She shows us the stomach full of amniotic fluid and that the kidneys are nice and lit up and working as they should be. She tries to get a crotch shot but my babies legs are flying everywhere. She thinks it might help if I empty my bladder.

I come back and baby had changed position completely and is much more cooperative.

I’ve looked at enough gender scans to know what I’m seeing!! I’m in shock.

br />

Oh hello there baby boy!!!

Well that was it!! Tears of relief. Jaw ache of happiness!! Straight to John Lewis we went to buy our little guy some clothes and a teddy.


We face timed out parents when we came home and didn’t say anything but just showed them the blue teddy and cute little shoes until they realised what we were trying to tell them. Everyone is in shock as everyone was convinced we were going to have a girl!!

Now the naming commences. Boys names are difficult!!

So there you have it. Part 2 of my amazing long weekend. An engagement and a little boy to celebrate.

Lots of love,

Me and my little boy.



XXIX.I.MMXV – dreams come true part 1 <3

Where to start….??

I have had the craziest few days. Today writing this I am 16+3 weeks pregnant. And I found out this little ones gender yesterday!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

But I’m not going to start there. I’m going to start with Thursday 29th January.

On this day 12 years ago, as a 14 year old school girl, my boyfriend became my boyfriend!! It was an awkward affair, I basically asked him when he was going to officially ask me and he wasn’t happy that I’d spoiled the surprise of a few days time. He was going to ask me on Friday apparently and I rushed him on the Wednesday! Ha! Anyway. He became my boyfriend. And that’s the way it has been for 12 whole years. We’ve finished school together, college, 2 degrees, 1 masters, moved house 8 times, lived in 5 different counties, been through 2 rounds of IVF and now have a baby on the way.

Well Thursday was a day like every other. We swapped cards in the morning, no gifts (as it’s something we promise not to do as we get so much for each other through the year), then I went to work.

I did put half a day of leave in because SO had the whole day off and we planned to get a takeaway and watch films all evening.

I came home, and snoozed on the couch whilst cuddled into his chest. We took the dog out for a walk and then I sat down planning what I was going to order for takeaway. At which point, I was called into the bedroom. I was met by a new outfit and a note on the bed which read

Hungry? Well you’d better get ready then!

I was confused!! What about our takeaway? And why? And what on earth!!?? With a childish grin spread across my face! I asked a lot of questions. Where are we going? Do I look nice in this maternity top from Topshop you got me in a size smaller than I would have got? What’s the dress code like? What type of food are we having??

He said it was a lot posher than Nandos but not quite as posh as a restaurant we went to for out 10 year anniversary “coq’d’argent” . That left a lot of scope in between.

It was time to set off. We took the bus into central London, getting off at Waterloo Station. We walked (well I waddled) past lots of lovely bars and restaurants and then down onto the river Thames. We passed quite a few places which I thought were good contenders. We continued down the Thames until we got to the OXO Tower. Whoah…definitely wasn’t expecting this.

We took the elevator to the 8th floor and I was met by a pristine host in an ever so shiny entrance. We proceeded into the bar area and ordered mocktails (haha). Soon our table was ready!! A window seat with views of St Paul’s and all that surrounds it. It was spectacular. But this wasn’t the only thing that I couldn’t stop looking at as we approached our table….12 beautiful red velvet roses sat on the table. Apparently this wasn’t usual as the all of the waiting staff were looking over as I sat down! It was so beautiful!! The meal the company and the conversation. Reminiscing about our childhoods together. Just perfect. A lady was playing the piano that night and she sang Yellow by Coldplay and this will always remind me of this perfect night.

After the meal we walked towards the Tate further along the Thames and SO started talking about our trip to Paris and how we didn’t get to put a padlock on the love lock bridge. So we were going to do it on the Millennium bridge instead.

The lock had the writing on both sides …

When it all began….XXIX.I.MMIII

XXIX.I.MMXV….A new adventure begins

We made a wish after locking it, sneakily to the bridge and threw 2 of the keys into the river. It was just magical. I had cried with happiness at least 5 times at this point in the evening. My man had gone to all of this trouble for our last anniversary as a couple.

We carried on walking across the bridge and it started to snow. We stopped and took in the view of breathtaking London at night time. My SO made a comment about not being able to see the stars in the sky….but that it was ok because he had brought my very own star along.

It is at this point, he got down on one knee, with the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral as a backdrop. And asked me to Marry him.

Will you Marry me?

I’m not entirely sure what happened from here on in because I was drunk on happiness and shock and just WOW!

Ermm of course I will!!

I giggled childishly with my eyes wide, wondering what I had done to deserve such a wonderful man. I can’t think of a better way of spending the rest of my life than with him by my side.

The ring is stunning. It really does shine as bright as a star. I couldn’t have chose a more perfect ring.


So now, I no longer have a boyfriend. I have myself the most kind, caring, and gorgeously handsome fiancé in all of the world. ❤