Nearing the end…

Hi folks

Just a quick update to say we are currently 36+5 days pregnant!! 

I went for a routine scan yesterday to check the position of the placenta and I’m pleased to say it’s nice and high away from my cervix!! However they also saw something else….the fluid levels around baby are super low. 4.5cm which is below the 5th centile. After they saw this they hooked me up for a CTG to check baby wasn’t too stressed. He wasn’t, just chilling out enjoy the last few days/weeks of pregnancy. If he was showing any signs of distress I’d have been straight in for an induction. Instead, I’m booked in for a rescan on 2nd July. If the fluid is the same or lower then I’ll be having little man a couple of weeks earlier than expected!! 

Arghhh I don’t feel ready!! Will I ever feel ready? Probably not!

Anyway they also took some measurements which predict that little chunk is currently coming in at a lovely 6lbs 9oz!! Perfect chunky monkey!! 

I’ve now got a whole week of stressing to do until the next scan. 

In other news…I’ve been on maternity leave for 3 days!!!! I’m enjoying the rest as sleep is pretty much non existent now. I’m spending all of my awake time putting the finishing touches to his nursery and washing his diddy little clothes!

Until next time…. 🙂 



4 thoughts on “Nearing the end…

  1. The fluid might not be anything. I had the same thing and had to go for weekly scans plus drink 3 litres of water a day, but then I got a tech who found an extra pocket of fluid so it ended up looking like enough. They’re so tight in there at the end that it just is hard to properly measure the fluid sometimes. When my water broke, let me tell you, there was plenty of fluid in there! Good luck!

      • It’s surprising that they don’t have the technology to measure via ultrasound the fluid content automatically like they do in some fertility clinics for ovaries & follicle sizes. I remember at my most recent clinic near the end of my IVF stimulations they didn’t even measure manually anymore, they just aimed, pressed a button and a long list of dimensions came out and they just had to sort through the list. Since there were SO many clustered it made it more accurate to not double count. Sounds pretty similar to what happens when they manually try to measure fluid pockets, right?!

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