The most precious little guy on the planet…

Seriously though this little dude has turned the last year of my life upside down. It’s been hard, exhausting, confusing but despite all that it had been the most fun and most rewarding thing to ever happen to me.

It’s been far too long since I last posted and I apologise to myself for that. I wish I documented more. But this monster is time consuming man!!!

Anyway….I very recently started the process off again to put one or two of our frozen babies back to give Hugo a brother or sister. We went to the clinic and agreed a protocol. I just had to wait for ones period to arrive. Except it never bloody did! I’m pregnant guys. My head is full of crazy emotions and guilt. I feel I’m betraying our frozen egglets! But what the heck!! How did this happen. It’s still only early days. Around 8weeks! But what the frikkkk!???? 

Hugo is going to be a big brother!!!