My timeline -IVF #1

December 2013
We receive our appointments for pelvic ultrasounds and semen analysis. We will get the results at the beginning of January.

January 2014
Ultrasound – normal result
Semen Analysis – low count
– low morphology
– ok motility

February 2014
Get referral through to see initial fertility dr which will be in March.

March 12th 2014
Saw a really lovely consultant who agreed we are suitable for fertility treatment. We will probably be suitable for ICSI due to quality of DH sperm. She sent off for our NHS funding and now all we have to do is wait.

April 25th 2014
Treatment begins.
PCOS diagnosed on ultrasound.
Pill prescribed for 1 month to try and reduce a cyst. Go back May 23rd to check cyst has gone.
Read the blog!!

May 23rd 2014
We have the all clear on the Cyst!! Thank you.
But the Dr re-confirms the PCOS diagnosis. Lots of follicles!
We get the go ahead to book in for our first cycle.

June 3rd 2014
Drugs are delivered!
Wow there’s a lot. Gonal f, Cetrotide, ovitrelle, cyclogyst, sharps bin.
Bring on the injections!! Gulp!!

June 4th 2014
We have our nurses appointment to talk us through what to expect next.
I stop taking the pill. Hoping for a weekend period!!
This appointment is a bit pointless really.

June 6th 2014
Cycle Day 1 – on a Friday!! Yesss! I phone the clinic and get booked in for the baseline scan and bloods.

June 7th 2014
Scan went well – endometrium less than 5mm and no cysts so we are good to go.
She gets me to give myself the first Gonal f injection!! Read my blog about it all here!! I’m a wimp!! Urghhhh!!

We are on 112.5 of Gonal f- a low dose due to the increased risk I have of developing OHSS because of age and PCOS.

June 11th 2014
Cycle day 5 Bloods.
Should have received a phone all to put Gonal f up to 200. But they dialled the wrong number – again!!! So this doesn’t happen until tomorrow (12th June)

June 13th 2014
Cycle day 8 scan.
Progressing ok. 7 follicles on left, 8 on the right. All around 10mm
I get a phone call that evening to tell me to put dose of Gonal f up to 225 and to come in Monday for more bloods and a scan on Monday. I wrote a blog about how I felt about it all….Here it is!

June 16th 2014
Cycle day 11 scan and test.
What a joke this appointment was. Was there 2hours in the end because they forgot I was there!!
Don’t know how many follies or what size because no one told me. Had more meds ordered. They’ll come tomorrow.

June 18th 2014
Cycle day 13 scan!
Well this is the 3rd person to tell me I have a perfect endometrium! I say thank you but awkwardly! Ha!
All my follies look beautiful and are around 15-20mm so we get booked in for collection on Friday. Ah the excitement and sheer shit brickness I’m feeling!!
I triggered at 8:30 that evening with 250 Ovitrelle.

June 20th 2014
Collection Day!!!
No food or drink since midnight yesterday.
I woke up so thirsty!! Thankfully we are first on the list this morning!!
I took the pain relief (up the bum unfortunately!! But if it works then….who cares) 1 hour before we left.
Wore something comfy. No make-up, no deodorant!

DH had a bit of a dilemma during his collection but I’ll explain in a blog later.

I went in – really straight forward and I wasn’t nervous at all….Supermum!! 🙂

They collected 11 eggs!! 🙂 our lucky number – weird!!

June 21st 2014
Call from the embryologist!

All 11 were injected via ICSI.

7 have fertilised and look beautiful! All 11 eggs were mature and of a really good quality!!

We are aiming for a day 5 blastocyst transfer of 1!! Keep growing little embbies!! ❤ xxxx we are so happy

June 25th 2014
Today it transfer day.
We transferred 1 day 5 blastocyst.
They offered two but we opted for one to lower miscarriage risks.
Wish us luck

July 6th 2014
Test day. No prior hpt taken before now.
BFN – I thought I saw the faintest of faint lines so took another test on the 7th which was an obvious big horrible negative

Now we wait and try and stay positive.

The cycle failed. We plan to try again sometime this year (2014)


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