He is here <3

My beautiful bundle of gorgeousness has arrived. 

Hugo was born at 8:19am 12th July weighing 7lb2oz  after 30 hours of labour that ended in a cesarean section. 

After having very little fluid surrounding him for the last few weeks of his pregnancy, the decision was made to induce on Friday 10th July when it was found all of the waters had disappeared. 

I started the labour how I had planned, drug free only starting on gas and air after I reached 4cm. Things were progressing nicely until after almost 20 hours of labour I was only 5cm. After being put on the hormone drip the consultant said I had to have an epidural because of the increased pain and the inevitable path I was travelling down. My OH nearly passed out went the Dr inserted the line slightly off and my leg jerked all over the place. He said he was so worried for me. The worst thing about the epidural was that I had to stay completely still while he did it even if a contraction was there. Absolute agony!!! After the epidural was in – complete serenity!! 

At 7:30am 12/07 the decision was made for an emergency section as I was still only at 6cm. By this point I just wanted him here but the shock of what was about to happen hit me massively. I signed the piece of paper stating the risks (the death word was used!!!) and they whisked me away. The epidural was topped up and away they went. My mouth was so freaking dry and I couldn’t breath through my nose due to the amount of crying I had done. 

A section is bizarre. You feel it but you don’t feel it. Anyway once Hugo was brought into this world they brought him to me for some skin to skin and that’s when I realised I couldn’t move my arms. I couldn’t feel any of me. I couldn’t feel my baby. 

I had to be whisked away to a recovery room where they tired to understand what went wrong. Whilst my baby was sent to labour ward with Daddy! They took my little man away from me!! Now to cut a long story short the feeling came back eventually and Daddy and baby came to visit me pretty quickly demanding a first booby feed. I was so relieved to see them walking in to recovery.!! 

I set the record for returning home the day after my cesarean!! Go us! 

Anyway he’s demanding another feed!! Babies are hard work!!! But I’ll leave you with a picture of the most handsome little boy in the world.  
(First hair wash)


(Posing with his bunny comforter) 


Love to you all!! Xx

Thank you for following my journey. Xxx


Nearing the end…

Hi folks

Just a quick update to say we are currently 36+5 days pregnant!! 

I went for a routine scan yesterday to check the position of the placenta and I’m pleased to say it’s nice and high away from my cervix!! However they also saw something else….the fluid levels around baby are super low. 4.5cm which is below the 5th centile. After they saw this they hooked me up for a CTG to check baby wasn’t too stressed. He wasn’t, just chilling out enjoy the last few days/weeks of pregnancy. If he was showing any signs of distress I’d have been straight in for an induction. Instead, I’m booked in for a rescan on 2nd July. If the fluid is the same or lower then I’ll be having little man a couple of weeks earlier than expected!! 

Arghhh I don’t feel ready!! Will I ever feel ready? Probably not!

Anyway they also took some measurements which predict that little chunk is currently coming in at a lovely 6lbs 9oz!! Perfect chunky monkey!! 

I’ve now got a whole week of stressing to do until the next scan. 

In other news…I’ve been on maternity leave for 3 days!!!! I’m enjoying the rest as sleep is pretty much non existent now. I’m spending all of my awake time putting the finishing touches to his nursery and washing his diddy little clothes!

Until next time…. 🙂 



We’re still here :-) 33 week update

Lots and lots has happened since I last posted. I’ve got bigger for one. And with bigger has come stretch marks. Not many but they are there….in my hips and inner thighs. I can cope with these. All for my little monster. 🙂 

I’m very very tired. I just want to sleep all of the time. Mainly the reason I haven’t blogged in ages. I can’t get around to moving my fingers quick enough to type! 
The little dude had a 4D scan and 28+4 weeks and he’s adorable! Honestly the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. Here are a few pics for you to coo over….

See I told you! He was sleepy during the scan and was resting against his arm the entire time. The technician was also able to tell us he has hair!! 🙂 my OH had hair when he was born. I was a baldy.

I had to make a trip to the day assessment centre a couple of weeks ago. His movements reduced dramatically. He just wasn’t behaving in his usual way. They hooked me up to a machine for an NST only to tell me he was perfectly fine. I felt a couple of movements whilst there too. She felt his position and she confirmed that he had moved back to back and a lot of his movements were now being cushioned be my placenta. Safe to say I’m now spending a lot of time on all fours to bring him back round to a more birth friendly position. I do not want a back to back labour. I’m convinced I want to do this labour business with as little pain relief as possible. I expect to be in pain – millions of people do this every day and I want to see how much my body is capable of doing. I don’t think I’d be brave enough though with a back to back baby. 

In other news….perineal massage!! WTF???! That shit hurts man!! If I can’t cope with a little massage “down there” then how on earth am I supposed to push a blummin head out of it?? Please tell me it’s as bad for you all as I have found it to be!! I’m blaming OH for doing it wrong!! Haha he gets the blame for everything these days!

Well that’s the update for now. Hopefully you’ll here from me in a few weeks. I finish work in 3 weeks so I’m hoping I’ll get a bit more energy back. 

I’m still keeping up with all of your journies though. It’s been lovely to see some of your miracle babies being born over the last couple of months. And lots of BFPs too!! And for those of you still waiting. Keep your faith….miracles really do happen. We are here for you.